Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems…really?

New Thing #12: Realizing I'm Poor Growing up, my family was poor. My parents both worked in agriculture, my aunt lived with us, and most of my clothes were hand me downs. Of course, back then I didn't know I was poor, it's only looking back that I realize it. As I grew up my [...]

Sitcom Nightmare

New Thing #11: I Dream of Dwight-y Have you ever watched The Office? I have. In fact, over the past weeks I watched all of it. All. Of. It. I had gotten Netflix during my Winter break because it was a free trial and I knew I would be bored at home, so I could [...]

I Ate Croc, Mate!

I didn't get a chance to post yesterday, so here it is: New Thing #9: Alligator Dumplings Yesterday was my roommate, Pilar's, birthday. To celebrate, we went out to Nola's in Palo Alto, a New Orleans cuisine restaurant.  I had been to this restaurant before to watch some Laker's games and grab some drinks with friends, [...]

No Puppy Love

New Thing #8: Chased a Dog Have you ever seen the movie Homeward Bound? With the talking dogs and cats? I felt like part of that movie today. Not because the small creature talked to me--in fact, it refused to even look my way--but, because I caught a glimpse of how intelligent dogs really are. [...]

Treasure Island

New Thing #7: Exploring San Francisco I made plans with some friends to get up early today to go on a mini road trip today since we have don't have school on Monday. We were going to get up at 8:30 a.m., and go where ever the road took us. So I got up after [...]