Helplessly Undomestic

For family BBQs, my mom asked me to help prepare the food while my brother gathered the firewood. I refused. As a result, I learned to do nothing and my brother is now a better cleaner and cook than me.

I Ate Croc, Mate!

I didn't get a chance to post yesterday, so here it is: New Thing #9: Alligator Dumplings Yesterday was my roommate, Pilar's, birthday. To celebrate, we went out to Nola's in Palo Alto, a New Orleans cuisine restaurant.  I had been to this restaurant before to watch some Laker's games and grab some drinks with friends, [...]

No Puppy Love

New Thing #8: Chased a Dog Have you ever seen the movie Homeward Bound? With the talking dogs and cats? I felt like part of that movie today. Not because the small creature talked to me--in fact, it refused to even look my way--but, because I caught a glimpse of how intelligent dogs really are. [...]

Working Girl

New thing #4: Making Money I took some time off last quarter from work to catch up on academics and figure out what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. Not working was nice, but after having working for 4 years, it was also strange. Despite having worked all those years, I [...]