Preparation isn’t worth shit

But don’t jump without a parachute

Sometimes, I sit, thinking how lucky some people are be so famous, so rich, so successful.

I have a short temporary temper tantrum because I’m not them. Then, I realize I live in the same world and have the same 24 hours a day that all these people have. And, actually, as a non-married-no-children-no-mortgage-to-be-tied-down-to person, I have less responsibilities than some of these people do. You know what I do have, though? Excuses.

These people may have had opportunities I have not yet had, or even perhaps opportunities I had and missed. But my ego refuses to believe that these people have what they have because of some innate greatness or because they are in some way a better person than me.

No. The difference is these people were prepared when opportunity knocked. Not only were they prepared, they took the risk and jumped on the opportunity. I should stop being jealous of their station in life and quit brewing in my thoughts. I should actively start preparing and working for what I want.

Preparing is the easy part. It’s easy to research things I want to do, make a detailed to do list of how I will get there and then sit back because you feel like you accomplished something. Preparation is key, sure. But preparation isn’t worth shit.

You can buy the top of the line parachute. You can research the best jumping and landing techniques. You can calculate what day and time will have the most favorable conditions for your jump. But if you never jump, all you have done is waste time.

#Jump #JustDoIt

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