Our Biggest Generational Flaw

Pick up the damned phone, yo.

Lack of Communication.

I’ve seen lots of articles about Millennials, Generation Y, or, as my friend calls it, Generation > aka “generation greater than”.

Many of the article raise valid points about the influence the current economic situtation and the rise of technology has affected people in my generation.

But something that bugs the shit out of me is that despite all the increased methods of communication we have now, people my age don’t know how to communicate face to face with people outside their immediate circle. Sure we can tweet and retweet to thousands of followers, post a comment on a Youtube video, or even write a heart-felt post. But our brain freezes when we have to talk to another person face to face or on the phone. Our voices are no longer trained to work, we express ourselves with our thumbs, not our vocal chords. That is why we see hotels, such as the Radisson, catering to Millennials by offering services where people can request services automatically, because God forbid we have to call the front desk to ask them to stock our mini-bars. Or companies creating new cleaning service apps that allows users to tell the cleaning lady to scrub the toilet extra clean without ever interacting in person.

My previous, (and obviously from an older generation), boss forced me to learn to pick up the phone and make calls, but before I worked for him, I never answered calls and voicemails could sit there for months before I ever checked them. (And when I did, I would answer with an email or text.) Now, I use calls whenever I want to actually get shit done. But it is SO hard to get my friends and people in my social circle to pick the phone up. Less than half of millennials live somewhere that has a landline hooked up, yet 83% sleep next to their smart phones. So, it’s really not a wonder that the art of the telephone call is lost on Generation >.

Ironically, my phone has rang 3 times since I sat down to write this. All I can think is “Just text me!” So, I am not hating on how much we rely on new technology. I love technology. I just wish we could keep a little old-fashioned communication and personal interaction along the way.


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