My Pet Peeves: People who refuse to Google

When people refuse to Google before asking me stupid questions

I just don’t get it.

Personally, I use Google for everything. I google to find new words. I google to read movie reviews. I google the weather. I google myself. I google ad nauseam. In fact, I just googled “Ad Nauseam” to make sure I was using it correctly.

That is why I cannot understand when people ask stupid, unnecessary questions that could easily be found on Google. Recently, my brother called me because he wanted to take his girlfriend ice skating. He asked if I knew of any open ice skating rinks in the area where he lives. He asked me about stuff he should know. So I said “Google it…” and hung up.

Don’t interrupt my sacred coffee time with questions you are more than capable of figuring out on your own.

Use Google. I’m not your personal “Ask Jeeves”.

*Drops the mike*

One thought on “My Pet Peeves: People who refuse to Google

  1. Truth although there’s the curated results perspective of those who just prefer personalized opinions… and, for those people, Yelp is the answer 🙂

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