Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

If you’re up to scrub with current events, then you probably heard about the Mayweather vs. Canelo fight this weekend. You probably also know we have a new Miss America. And, unfortunately, you probably heard of the death of a ex-FAMU football player.


What do these all have in common? They all have roots in racial ignorance and intolerance.

When Nina Davuluri was crowned the new Miss America, Twitter flooded with comments calling her “terrorist”, “Arab”, and connecting her with the 9/11 attacks. She’s Indian American. Born in New York. The comments were ridiculous and made me a little embarrassed to be an American. If you haven’t seen the comments yet, go to Buzzfeed.

Here I am, mad that minorities and immigrants are still marginalized and I find this article about the racial comments made by Latinos about Mayweather, calling him a “pinche mayate”. Now, not only am I embarrassed of my fellow American’s hating on Davuluri’s heritage, but I am ashamed that so many Latinos are using racial slurs and stereotypes against a black athlete, all because of a boxing match.

Despite the anger I feel about these cases, they don’t compare to the shooting of Jonathan Ferrell.

Ferrell was 24 year-old African-American. He was in a car wreck. He managed to pull himself out of a window and ran to the nearest house for help. The lady at the house he knocked on was scared of him, so she called 911. When the police got there, Ferrell started running towards them. One of the policemen shot him. Several times. Ferrell was unarmed and asking for help.

This is Trayvon Martin all over again. This is Oscar Grant all over again. This is so many young, minority men that are stereotyped as bad because of racism, discrimination, and ignorance.

If you look at the racial comments on twitter, many come from young people. This hate starts at the home. Please talk to your kids, your students, your nieces/nephews, or any kid you have influence over. Racial discrimination is not a joke. We need to improve the dialogue about tolerance in young people so it doesn’t lead to violence.

#onelove #stoptheviolence

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