The Post-Grad Expectation Slope

As a recent graduate*, I was ready to take on the world, start my career, and be a complete bad ass. With an education from Stanford University and considering myself  charming, witty, smart, and, obviously, humble, I would have absolutely no problem finding a good first-job right out of college.

Since I had heard that females tend to settle for lower salaries than males, I sat myself  down at my office , a.k.a. the local starbucks, to plan out what I wanted out of my first job and how much I wanted to get paid.

Here’s a timeline of what has happened to my job expectations since then….

Wish me luck!

3 thoughts on “The Post-Grad Expectation Slope

  1. Diana, this is Angelica Perez, the founder and publisher of New Latina ( I love your blog! I was wondering if I could highlight this particular post on an video interview I’ll be doing for iVillage (, which will discuss the issue of unemployment for Latina women who are smart, talented and educated. We would love to show an image of this blog and mention you on the video. Please email me to discuss this further. It is a nice opportunity.

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    Looking forward to hearing from you!


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