Call for a good time

New Thing #10: Prank at AT&T

Last week, 2 of my friends needed new phones so we took a trip to the local AT&T store to get some. I had just been there the week before replacing my iPhone (aka my life), and was helped very fast; it probably took me 30 minutes to get in, get out, and get on with my life. But on this particular day, everyone seemed to have done something with their phone–like dunk it in a glass of water during their sleep–and needed new ones. We were put on a lengthy wait list.

If you have at least around 2 hours to wait at a phone store, what would you do?

Sleep, you say? Maybe read a book? NAY! Being as bored and, at the same time, energetic as we were, Pilar and I programmed our friend Jessica’s number into every display phone at the store. We called it so it would be the first in the call log. Then, we filed it under “A Good Time ;)”.We giggled under our breath as we looked over our shoulder to make sure the sales people didn’t think something fishy was going on. I don’t think they even noticed us, though.

I was expecting to come home to Jess, and she would have some ridiculous story about random people calling her; Pilar and I would call her an exaggerator as we held in out laughs. That is not what happened. It was not until yesterday Jessica mentioned she got one creepy text from a guy who said he got her number at the AT&T store. One. Really, creepy men of the world? I give you a free number to call, for A GOOD TIME, and you waste it? Never giving you guys anything again ever.

Dear Creepy People of the 650,

You suck.


Girl that tried.

PS. Jessica, it was for your own good.

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