I Ate Croc, Mate!

I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday, so here it is:

New Thing #9: Alligator Dumplings

Yesterday was my roommate, Pilar’s, birthday. To celebrate, we went out to Nola’s in Palo Alto, a New Orleans cuisine restaurant.  I had been to this restaurant before to watch some Laker’s games and grab some drinks with friends, but never to actually eat there. I tend to never look at my menu until the waiter/waitress get there because I won’t decide what I want until they ask anyways. Yesterday, however, I blanked out when I looked at the menu because they offered things I had never heard of. Under the pressure, I ordered the first thing I saw “Gat-er den dumplings”. Once she left, I saw there was, in fact, alligator meat in the dumplings.

I imagined being Captain Hook, (the Disney version), and taking a fresh bite out of the ticking alligator. Hmm. You’ve heard the term, it tastes like chicken, right? Well, when I tried the dumplings, that is exactly what it tasted like, chicken–gritty, slightly fishy, chicken. It was surprisingly delicious and spicy, Crocodile Dundee would be proud of my gastronomical adventure.

On a separate note, Nola’s is a great place to celebrate birthdays. They give the birthday guest a yummy cake, with a curious presentation. See Below.

Happy Birthday, Roomie!

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