No Puppy Love

New Thing #8: Chased a Dog

Have you ever seen the movie Homeward Bound? With the talking dogs and cats? I felt like part of that movie today. Not because the small creature talked to me–in fact, it refused to even look my way–but, because I caught a glimpse of how intelligent dogs really are. On my way off campus I saw a little, fluffy, white thing running along the sidewalk. It looked exactly like my ex-dog, Paloma, (she is my ex-dog because my new dog, Negra, bit her head off …), so I did what any animal lover would do: swerve off my lane and chased the dog with my car.

The dog saw the car and started running away from it! I rolled down my window and started calling after it, trying to lure it into my car with promises of doggy treats and squeaky toys, but the dog just kept dodging my car. For a small dog, it ran fast. I turned so I could get ahead of it and cut it off, but the dog switched directions and ran into a children’s playground. I couldn’t drive my car into a bunch of kids, plus people were starting to stare, so I had to call off the chase. Damned smart dog; it obviously belongs at Stanford.

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