Treasure Island

New Thing #7: Exploring San Francisco

I made plans with some friends to get up early today to go on a mini road trip today since we have don’t have school on Monday. We were going to get up at 8:30 a.m., and go where ever the road took us. So I got up after 4 hours of sleep, still slightly hung over, and started making plans. So then we left…at 4 p.m. Since our time was considerably shortened we ditched the plans to road trip, and went to San Francisco for the day. I wasn’t nearly as excited about going to San Francisco as I had been about the road trip. I felt like I had paid to watch a Robert De Niro and got a Keanu Reeves film.

Surprisingly, although I have been living in the bay for almost 4 years, I have only been to San Francisco for fun three times. On our way there we made a pit stop by Treasure Island, (nope, not as in Vegas), which I have been terrified of for a few years. It was gorgeous! My camera is in my car, and I am a little to lazy to go get it, or I would show the amazing views from the  island. You could see bridges, the San Francisco skyline, the ocean, a forest,  fog mixing with the setting sun; it was beautiful. My irrational fear of this island is gone; it’s now one of my favorite scenic views in the bay. If you have not gone, go!!!

After that, we had some delicious pasta and dessert at North Beach, where I cried on the inside, wanting to go back to Florence. Delicious; thank you tall man at Caffe Michelangelo for convincing me to go into your shop, and thank you Jessica for convincing me to go into the first restaurant I saw-I’m not the hardest person to persuade.

UPDATE:   Pictures

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