Funny Girl

New Think #5: Barbra Streisand

How I went so long without knowing who this woman was, I have no idea. But her movie Funny Girl happened to pop up on my Netflix recommended movie list. I had heard her name recently, in Glee and Modern Family, but I had filed it under “Obscure References” in my brain. I watched the movie and it was delightful! It was a breath of fresh air to see that the leading lady was a strong, successful woman, yet not beautiful, (in a traditional sense).

It must have been hard for her to play a role that assigned her to the Plain Jane category, especially being in Hollywood where women are rated on their beauty more than their talent, (see Megan Fox). Take a look at her track record, however, and she blossomed after her first movie. She’s a director now? Definitely need to brush up on my Streisand knowledge and learn a thing or two about this woman. I’m adding her biography to my list of books to read.

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