Taking Advice, (at least I plan to take it)

New Thing #3: Mentoring

I would be a great coach. I love to dish out advise on everything, even when I don’t know all that much on the subject. (My friend Jessica calls them “theories”, not advice; pshh). However, I do not take my own advice, nor any one else’s for that matter. If I want something done right, I can find the answers and do it myself better than anyone else could. As irrational as that sounds, I have done pretty well for myself up to now. On the other hand, I realize it is a very immature philosophy, and if I really want to succeed, I need someone to point me in the right direction. Even if I am Michael Jordan, I need a Phil Jackson in my life to unleash my full potential.

So, today I signed up for the Stanford Alumni Mentoring program. It was a strange process, to say the least. We had to fill out an online profile that made me feel like I was more signing up with eHarmony.com than for career guidance. I am, however, resolved to be optimistic. I will find my perfect mentor, and I will realize that doing things on my own my way is not always the best route. Now, I just have to find my match.

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