Project of the Day: Learn a New Language!

This week was my friend’s birthday, so we went out to happy hour at Chevy’s; YAY margarrrritas! (PS: Our server’s name according to his name tag was “Top Perro”, don’t event pretend that ‘s not awesome.)

Anywho,  while we were there, my friend got a call from a family member and the conversation sounded incredible. Unfortunately, I have no idea what was said because they’re Persian.

So, in the happy mood I was I decided that my new goal for the summer was to learn to speak Farsi! I was super gung ho about it, so the next day at work I started googling everything I could about the language. I tried learning the alphabet, the numbers, how to pronounce the vowels  but I was way out of my league.

I speak English, Spanish, and Italian. Until now, I thought I had pretty good language learning skills. But, let me explain how lost I was.

My Comprehension Level

It’s harder than Stats 60, and I’ve failed that class 3 times.
So, after trying it, I decided I suck at it  don’t really want to learn Farsi after all.

One thought on “Project of the Day: Learn a New Language!

  1. You understand straight men who are obsessed with Justin Bieber? and YAY for calling him your friend and not your friend’s boyfriend. thanks!

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