I’m “That Girl”

You know the type, with a dead end job? 😦

Yesterday at work, I had a miniature nervous breakdown. After sitting for hours at my desk having nothing to do, I had an epiphany. I hate my job. All Ido is surf the internet all day waiting for the phone to ring, I am not earning as much as I had expected to, and it’s not building any skills that I can market on my resume:

“So tell me, when you worked at the Front Desk, what did you learn and how will it help in our company?”

“Well, ma’am, I became a professional thumb twiddler, which means I can give you a speedy thumbs up when you do a good job.” *light speed thumbs up,* “I also learned to pretend I’m busy and hide the look of “I’m-a-failure” in my face. Useful in many situations, if you ask me.”

“Please leave. Now.”

Soooo, I decided to get proactive and find a job that doesn’t make me miserable and hopefully finances my life in Palo Alto more appropriately, (Palo Alto=5th most expensive city in the US, Me=just googled “How Much Do Strippers Make Because I Have to Pay Rent Somehow”). Since then, I have been glued to craigslist.com, opening every job posting available in the area. The problem is everybody wants experienced workers, (and my job has only prepared me to twiddle my thumbs), or they are jobs that might, if possible, make me hate myself more than this job but only pay minimum wage.

Obviously, while Craigslist is helpful for finding free boxes or posting a lost and found ad for Spot, it may not be the place for me to find my ideal summer job. Today, the plan is to look for companies in the area I’m interest and email them. Ugh. I already emailed the first company, a marketing firm in San Jose, to ask if there was anyway I could work with their company for the summer. I wrote an elaborate email, made it look and sound nice,  and even crossed my fingers when I pressed send. 10 minutes later I get a reply. Fast — I was already liking the company. I opened it. At this point, I’d like to post a copy of the entire content of the email:

Not now.

…That’s it. No, “Dear Diana”. No signature. Nothing. 😦

I’m scared to open other ones now. What if the next only says “Ha.”?

Why don’t Event and Program Planning Jobs for Non-Profits just fall in my lap?

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