I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions

This won't be a post about my resolutions for this year. Because I won't be making any. I don't think planning a major change in your life simply because the cycle of a calendar ends is necessarily effective. You won't magically feel dedicated to loosing weight, or saving money,  or do whatever other cliche resolutions are just [...]

Find people who disagree with you

I read a report that, on average, white people have a social circle that is 91% white, black people have a social circle that is 83% black, and I will go ahead and assume that most other racial groups have similar percentages. So, I examined my own circle. At first glance, it's quite diverse. I [...]

Our Biggest Generational Flaw

Lack of Communication. I've seen lots of articles about Millennials, Generation Y, or, as my friend calls it, Generation > aka "generation greater than". Many of the article raise valid points about the influence the current economic situtation and the rise of technology has affected people in my generation. But something that bugs the shit [...]